Hysjkebab Game Development

About us!

About Hysjkebab Game Development

Our team here at Hysjkebab consist of 6 people:
Jonas and Ludvik who works as coders for our games
Sander and Wilhelm who are designers for game models and such
and Odd Martin who works mainly with sound, social accounts and also game balancing.
Benjamin is a newly joined member of the team. He will join Odd Martin in the sound department, and also help creating sprites and models.

Hysjkebab Game Development was founded early 2017 in Norway, by the team that it consist of today.
Hysjkebab prioritize passion and making game-making fun for everyone in the team
We developed a game called "Geo War" who we abandoned right before summer kicked in.
The reason was that it was a game where we got instructions from our teacher on what genre our game had to be.
The genre was super boring and it sucked energy out of us when we worked on it, so we decided to make what we want to.
But fear not! A new game is already in the makings!!! Follow the weekly updates at the home page for more updates about it!